Seven Lessons for Students from an Eagle's Life

Gyanmandu: Eagles have power and ability to fly at high altitude. An eagle has various distinct features than any other birds. This article includes 7 powerful lessons that students can learn and adopt from the attitude and life of an eagle which would help them to fly high in their studies.

Fly Alone or With Own Kind

Eagle always flies either alone or with their own kind which means eagles fly with eagles. Like an eagle, every student should have friends of his/her level or who are highly competitive, who have the same desire for learning or exploring. Choose only those people who like to dream and grow. Don't waste your time with people who are hopeless or have negative attitude.

Strong Vision and Concentration

Eagles have the strong ability of focusing on something that they want and they never lose their focus despite of several obstacles until and unless they grab it. Students also need to have definite target and continuous focus on their goal and concentrate on their study by overcoming procrastination.

Feed on Fresh Prey

Eagles never feed on dead animals. Likewise students should not rely upon outdated contents or information they might have been provided with instead they should have their own research and findings and get themselves updated. They should have their own understanding and clear image towards the topics they have studied. They should never be depended upon other's study materials or resources, they should prepare and have own set of resources for studying like notes, pictures, data, graphs and many more.

Ride the Storm

Eagles get excited for the storm when clouds gather, but why? Because they welcome the challenge that clouds bring. They know that they can use wind of storm to lift them above the clouds. When they fly above the clouds, they can rest their wings and become stronger. Students should also be ready to face their challenges believing that these challenges will make us more stronger and better. Students should also accept all the difficulties and they should never run away thinking that this subject is tough and should never have a feeling that I wont be able to perform well, instead they should try to over come their studying problems by developing different learning habits and strategies because if they can over come the challenges then it helps them to rise their study to greater heights.

Test Before You Trust

Before being committed to each other, the female eagle tests male eagle to ensure his level of commitment. Likewise students should test and identify their inborn talent or intelligence before choosing their field of study. Similarly to establish trust and commitment they should understand the nature and behavior of the people who are willing to be their friends because trust and commitment are very important in any sort of relationship.

Be Fearless

Eagles are relentlessly focused on achieving their goal, and it doesn’t matter whether their prey is 10 times their size. Eagles would never give up. Students also should be fearless in their goal of study. If you have difficulties try to find out suitable learning techniques, adopt memory techniques but never give up. Face the problem and fight it in the correct way and you will definitely win. Remember when exam appears students shouldn’t fear but should dream of success and plan to obtain higher marks.

Renew Yourself

The eagle has to make a painful decision when they are around 40 years old.They should choose either to die or to go through a painful process of rebirth which will extend its life for next 30 years. This process involves the extreme painful task of knocking out its own beak, plucking out its talons and every features on its body until it is completely bare and has to wait until new ones are fully grown. This entire process takes about 5 months to complete and it again starts flying and this time more stronger than ever. Likewise, students should also understand that if there in no pain then there is no gain. Success is not possible without change, sacrifices and hardwork. To grow and to be competitive, students should be willing to change and adopt the scientific ways of learning, memorizing and follow different techniques of learning which will help them to enjoy their study and score more in exam. In addition to that they should move out from toxic relationships, get rid of destructive habits, thoughts, traditions and mind-sets. And start developing those habits and be in the environment that always inspires to move forward and makes you ready for new challenges.

-Utsav Dhakal (Student Development Coach)

even Lessons for Students from an Eagle's Life

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